Why should we shield EMF?

Back in the caveman days, our ancestors had to worry about being eaten by wild animals, but now we have a new predator to worry about: EMF radiation. Even though many of these exposures won’t kill you instantly, research shows that the human body perceives them as a stressor and they can cause biological harm or dysfunction. The Shielding Shop offers many products that protect you from this invisible threat.

Often it feels like we are lab rats in our own homes with all the new gadgets and “smart” features that are being thrust upon us. Who needs their toaster to connect with WiFi to their phone anyway?

A smart diaper might sound like a relief for busy parents, but is it worth the potential health risks from wireless radiation for your baby? And dads, sorry to say it, but there’s no high-tech app for dealing with a pee fountain during diaper changes.

It is now obvious our modern world has inundated us with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that our ancestors never had to deal with. Our modern human biology is interacting with thousands of man made frequencies and trillions of pulsations daily compared to virtually nothing before the invention of electricity. It has been estimated that our exposure to man made EMF has increased over one quintillion times compared to just 100 years ago! That’s a 1 with 18 zeros after it!


With numbers like that, it’s time to reconnect with our ancestral roots and design a home environment that aligns more closely with human habitats before the electrification of our world.

That’s where we come in.

Despite our jovial nature, we maintain a deep sense of seriousness towards our mission of curating and creating technology that respects your biology… and respect for human biology is at the core of The Shielding Shop’s engineering philosophy.

As we journey through proper shielding and measurable mitigation of modern EMF in our products we are solving the EMF puzzle one product at a time. Our ultimate objective is to transform environments into healthy havens by reintegrating the natural rhythms embraced by our ancestors, all while preserving the modern conveniences we enjoy.

If you’d like to learn more about the concerns with EMF radiation and research studies related to biological effects please visit our EMF studies page.

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