Frequently Asked Questions

How Much of Your Shielding Fabric Do I Need To Make A Bed Canopy?

To make a box-style bed canopy, we recommend a minimum of 12-13 yards for a Twin Bed, 14-15 yards for a Queen, and 16-17 yards for a King sized bed.  You will also need to use a Grounded Shielding Mat to complete the canopy. Email us at for more details. Before grounding your canopy, verify if your outlet is grounded correctly with this plug tester. 

What Are EMFs?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. There is a full spectrum of EMFs and some come from nature while others are man-made. Natural sources are the sun, firelight, the earth’s DC magnetic field, and some rare naturally occurring radiation. Unnatural man-made sources are mostly pulsating AC electric and magnetic fields from household 60 Hz electricity to wireless radiation from a Wi-Fi router, cell phone, or mobile phone tower. Artificial light from bulbs and screens are another type of EMF in the visible light spectrum.

How Can I Protect Myself At My Office Or Workplace?

For daytime work spaces, we currently recommend using the Photon Light at your desk to mitigate flicker from computer screens and fluorescent lighting. It also adds in missing therapeutic near infrared wavelengths that you would normally be getting from the sun all day long outside.  We also offer shielded power cords to replace unshielded versions for your monitor, printer, computer or other devices to reduce your electric field and dirty electricity exposures.  Be sure to check the pictures to make sure the cord is the correct fit.  We are coming out with new office products in time for the holidays so please check back frequently for new product releases!

We also offer Office Assessments for complete guidance to create a healthy workspace. Email us at for more information.

About Us

EMF testing and mitigation has been stuck in the same pattern for 20-30 years. The last 10-15 years professionals all around the world have been recommending the same solutions even as our exposure has increased 500-1000 times or more. The same fabrics, the same meters, the same recommendations, and saying pretty much the same things despite the drastic increase in exposures and chronic illness.
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