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The Yin fabric is made of silver threads and organic cotton and shields from wireless radiation as it lets light through, creating a peaceful environment with some airflow and perfect for sheer curtains or sewn up as an indoor bed canopy or tent.  The Yin fabric can be grounded to drain or block electric fields.

Product Price
Order Processing: 7-10 business days
Processing time refers to the estimated duration from when you place your order to when your product is dispatched for delivery.
For fabric orders of less than 5 yards, please note that returns cannot be accepted. However, for products in new or unused condition, we are happy to process returns or exchanges within 30 days of the original purchase, offering a full refund or credit.

Our sheer Yin Fabric gently diffuses light, allowing a peaceful ambiance while keeping wireless radiation at bay. Crafted from organic cotton and silver-coated nylon threads, it’s an elegant choice for curtains or bed canopies. Breathe easy with silver shielding and a touch of airiness.  Ground the Yin fabric to disperse electric fields away from you and welcome in the peaceful grounding energy from the earth.

The word “yin” represents the receptive, gentle, and tranquil side of the Yin and Yang philosophy, just like our Yin fabric that lets light through, creating a peaceful environment with some airflow, all while shielding you from wireless radiation.

All orders are custom cut to the length by yard.

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton 82%, Silver 18%
Silver is coated onto extremely small nylon threads

The fabric is untreated with any chemicals.

98 inches wide x 1 yard length

RF shielding capability:
1 layer: 41 dB at 900 MHz
2 layers: 59 dB at 900 MHz

Every 3dB is twice as effective at shielding:

12 dB is 16 times as effective
9 dB is 8 times as effective
6 dB is 4 times as effective

A 41 dB shield is two times more effective than a 38 dB shield.

Important Note: To accurately compare shielding products from various brands one would have to test all brands in the same lab with the same test set up.  When compared to other leading brands that are hypoallergenic our shielding fabrics had superior shielding effectiveness in 2019.  We will be testing again in 2024 and publishing results from all the brands.

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How do you care for the Yin fabric?

Machine wash in side loading washer and on cold water using a pH-neutral mild detergent only. Air dry only. Do not dry-clean. Iron on LOW. Ideally chlorine free water should be used.

What is the refund and exchange policy?

We do not accept returns on fabrics but do exchanges if the box is unopened in the original packaging.  Exchanges must be processed within 90 days of original purchase for full refund or credit.

What is the shipping cost and lead time?

All orders are custom cut, and take up to 7-14 business days to process before shipping when in stock.  Minimum of 5 YARDS for free shipping in the USA. 
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