SafeCharge USB Outlet


The SafeCharge USB Outlet eliminates electric field concerns when powering USB devices. With up to 30W of USB power, it’s a versatile addition to your home for all your USB-powered gadgets.

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Did you know that common USB-powered outlets can inadvertently expose you to AC electric fields? This can elevate body voltage when you’re near your charging device or other USB-powered gadgets. The SafeCharge Outlet’s grounded design ensures that AC electric fields are blocked from affecting your USB-powered and charging devices and cables, providing peace of mind when plugging in without affecting the normal functioning of your AC outlets.

You can install them next to your bed, set them up as a charging station in your kitchen, or utilize them in your office. The SafeCharge Outlets are versatile enough to power anything that uses USB up to 30 watts, including products like USB-powered strip lights or fairy string lights for children’s rooms.

Electrical Specifications:
120V 15-20 Amp AC outlet receptacle

12awg or 14awg wire compatible

USB-A1/A2: 5V 2A max
USB-C: 5V 3A max
USB Total Power: 30W max

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How Do I Install the SafeCharge USB Outlet?

Our SafeCharge USB outlet is designed for easy installation by a licensed electrician, typically taking around 10 minutes per unit. Swift and simple, it’s a quick upgrade for your home.¬†More detailed installation instructions are included inside the product packaging.


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