NoBlue Motion Night Light


This motion-activated night light is designed to emit no sleep-disrupting blue light with zero flicker, no electric fields or dirty electricity and comes with a rechargeable battery and magnetic wall attachment.

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Introducing the NoBlue Motion Night Light – Your Radiant and Relaxed Sidekick!

The NoBlue Motion Night Light is the ultimate warm amber night light that’s all about zero blue light! With this little gem, you can say goodbye to pesky flickering lights and unwelcome blue light at night that can disrupt your sleep.

This funky light comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that keeps the good vibes going for up to 7 hours straight.

And get this – the NoBlue Motion Night Light is a true motion-sensing marvel! It knows when you need a guiding glow, activating with just a hint of movement. Like magic, it lights up your path whenever you pass by!

Did we mention it’s magnetic too? That’s right! Stick it, attach it, or hang it.

Easy to use with a three-position switch. In the “ON” position, it continuously emits a warm amber light. In the “OFF” position, the unit is completely powered down. And in the “AUTO” position, the motion sensor activates the light when it detects darkness and motion within a 4-meter range and 120-degree area.

It’s the perfect choice for various spaces, such as bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, hallways, or any area you may need to navigate during the night with ease and without disturbing sleep patterns.  Great for travel too!

Colour temperature: 1800k

Built-In Battery: 3.7V

800 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

Flicker Free Technology

Peak Wavelength: 585nm

Brightness: 100 Lumens

Wavelengths blocked – 100% between 380-500nm

Life: 30,000 Hours

Power consumption (watts): 2w


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