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An elegant shielded desk lamp with optimized GoldyLux light bulb included.

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Introducing the Jovial Desk Lamp, a shielded desk lamp with high wattage capability up to 150 watts, featuring the GoldyLux Bulb– a quantum leap in the evolution of daytime lighting. Let’s talk science: the sun, our day’s celestial guide, bathes us in its golden glow, with the largest chunk of its visible spectrum residing in the vibrant yellow range. Picture this: 30-35% of your daytime visible light is golden – and for good reason.

Now, here’s where things get intriguing. Peel back the layers, and you’ll discover that beyond the visible where yellow light is prominent (followed by red light), near infrared light dominates! Encompassing a whopping 40% of the sun’s total energy spectrum, NIR light is by far the most prominent healing frequency of light that all life depends on. The fusion of yellow, red, and near infrared forms the cornerstone of the “Gold Light Therapy” philosophy we’re unveiling with this product.

In a world inundated with artificial light that is not truly full spectrum, we dared to be different.  The concept of the GoldyLux bulb mimics both the visible hues and invisible energy of the sun’s nurturing embrace. It’s not just about wavelengths and intensities – it’s about crafting an experience that brings us the feeling of the sun’s healing light when we can’t be outside.  Our constant source of indoor full spectrum therapeutic light.

The Jovial Lamp doesn’t stop there and definitely doesn’t compromise on what truly matters. As with all household items the Shielding Shop carries, The Jovial Lamp is also shielded from electric fields, offering you a sanctuary free from pulsating electricity. Whether it graces your standing desk with a clamp or sits steadfastly on its hefty base, it’s a testament to innovation and wellness.

Visible light spectrum energy from the sun:

Violet (380 – 450 nm): Around 3-4% of the total energy.

Blue (450 – 495 nm): Around 5-6% of the total energy.

Green (495 – 570 nm): Around 20-25% of the total energy.

Yellow (570 – 590 nm): Around 30-35% of the total energy.

Orange (590 – 620 nm): Around 15-20% of the total energy.

Red (620 – 750 nm): Around 20-25% of the total energy.

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When can I expect my lamp to arrive?

This is a brand new product currently in production. When you make your purchase, you are pre-ordering to reserve your Jovial desk lamp. We have already received the first shipment of lamps and are prepping for fulfilling existing orders. You will be sent tracking details once your order ships so you will know the arrival date of your lamp.  If you preordered you can expect your lamp no later than February 7th and we hope it will be sooner!

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