Desktop SafeCharge Power Dock


The Desktop SafeCharge Power Dock is your EMF shielded desk clamp power station equipped with grounded USB ports for the ultimate safe and healthy workspace

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Introducing the Desktop SafeCharge Power Dock – where productivity meets peace of mind!

Effortlessly power up your workspace with 4 AC outlets in a modern white and silver grounded metal housing. No need for desktop AC pulsing chaos – we’ve got your bio-optimized power needs covered.

But the real game-changer? Our grounded USB ports redefine safe charging. Say goodbye to AC interference and hello to pure DC charging bliss. Your devices deserve nothing less.

And here’s the best part – Our 6 ft shielded cable ensures your desktop remains an electric field-free zone.

Charge your devices without the drama and worry about EMF, and let the power flow seamlessly.

The Desktop SafeCharge Power Dock is here to transform your charging experience.

Optimize your workspace without compromising aesthetics.

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