BioLight™ BR30 Bulb


BR30 circadian lighting bulb with 3 interchangeable spectrums from 1800K-4000K for optimizing your indoor lighting environment for energy and restful sleep. For use in non-dimmable fixtures. Fits standard recessed lights or any lamp with a standard light bulb base.

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The Shielding Shop stumbled upon a lighting gem from Block Blue Light that even your distant ancestors would’ve given a thumbs-up. Why settle for just one spectrum when you can have three lighting modes in a single, spectacular bulb?

3 interchangeable modes to match the time of day:

Day Mode – Rise and Shine: Remember when the sun kissed the horizon, and your forefathers reveled in its energizing embrace? Day Mode brings back that burst of ancient vitality, recreating the natural light spectrum from after sunrise to before sunset.  Build daytime stores of seratonin with this bright white 4000K setting.

Mixed Mode – Neolithic Warmth: As the day journeys on, and the sun mellows, a warm and inviting light fills the land. Mixed Mode perfectly captures that cozy ambiance, echoing the hues of early morning sunrise and late afternoons and sunsets.

Night Mode – Sleep Like a Cavebaby: When the moon took the throne, your primal kinfolk basked in the amber glow of firelight. Our Night Mode ensures no blue light stimulation, inviting deep and restful slumber.

Zero DE and Flicker Free

If you’re looking to optimize your serotonin-fueled daytime antics and rev up your nighttime melatonin magic, this bulb is your illuminated ticket to ancestral wellness. Don’t miss out—illuminate your life the caveman way!

Color temperature: 4000k / 2100k / 1800k

Brightness: 900lm

Color rendering index (CRI): >97

Input voltage: 110 -265v 50/60Hz

Power consumption (watts): 12w

Size: D 3.75″ x H 5.19″

Base: E26 (screw)

Bulb: BR30

Dimming: Non Dimmable

Certifications: UL Listed, CE, ROHS, SAA, RCM

Life: 30,000 hours

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Why buy this lighting product from the Shielding Shop?
The Shielding Shop utilizes Shielded Healing’s product testing QC service to rigorously test each batch stocked for flicker, spectrum, and zero dirty electricity. Unlike some, we prioritize ongoing quality control. Expect a healthy EMF solution with every Shielding Shop shipment as we solve the light and EMF puzzle together.

What type of fixture can BR30 bulbs be used in?
BR30 bulbs are designed for conventional canned or recessed lighting fixtures featuring e26 screw-in bases. The Biolight BR30 bulb seamlessly fits into standard US light sockets, including lamps, spotlights, and desk lamps (as long as they’re compatible with the e26 bulb base).

One of my fixtures is on a dimming switch. Will the 3 modes on this bulb work with a dimmer switch and not a regular switch?
These bulbs may work in a dimmable fixture on full brightness, but the bulbs themselves are non-dimming. Some dimmers even when turned on full brightness manipulate the voltage and current, which can cause the bulb to flicker or malfunction. We recommend to only use in a non-dimmable fixture for best results and longest bulb life.

How do you switch between color modes?
Simply turn the light off and back on to toggle between the 3 modes.  Install the Biolight in any existing fixture or lamp and start switching between the modes, much like the old 3 way light bulbs.  No special wiring, no apps, no EMF involved.

Are these LED lights, incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, or something else? 

The Biolight collection is a healthy LED that can be used in combination with incandescent and halogen which is what we recommend.

Incandescent and halogen bulbs do not have enough blue light for daytime serotonin production (the sun has much more blue and green light than these light sources, and LED lightbulbs do not have any near infrared spectrum that supports the mitochondria.  So the fact that you can have a decent amount of blue light with the 4000K setting is an advantage, as well as the other two settings, having virtually zero blue light.  2100 K has about as much blue light as an incandescent or halogen, and then the 1800 K has zero blue light, like an orange or red filtered incandescent bulb.

The settings are great for winding down at the end of the day, and using in combination with a red light incandescent or halogen bulb, like the SaunaSpace photon red light.

Do these lights connect in any way to the “internet of things”? Is their any RF output? 

We’ve tested it for zero dirty electricity.  It contains no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi…. and is controlled at the switch by a simple on off cycle similar to the old three-way bulbs.

The LED cover itself is plastic and it will have an electric field the same as an incandescent or halogen would since the E26 base does not have a ground and there’s no grounded metal covering the top of the bulb.  In our testing, though, when you install the light up on the ceiling in the recessed fixture, it does not emit an electric field any further than about a foot and at the “use distance” it is not contributing to excess EMF exposure.

So to summarize, the only stressful EMF that it is emitting is 1 foot away and is an electric field at 60 Hz.  And when installed, it does not contribute to excess electric fields in the room.  And it would be the same reading with an incandescent or halogen as with this bulb.
What does compatible with E26 bulb base mean? Does it fit into regular/standard lightbulb fixtures?
Yes, E26 is a standard bulb base.  You can unscrew your current bulb and look at the base and compare it to the one in the photo.  The 26 in the E26 stands for a 26 mm diameter.
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