About Us

About Us

Our roots

The Shielding Shop was founded by Brian Hoyer, the EMF shielding solution expert behind Shielded Healing, an EMF testing and mitigation provider. The impact of Shielded Healing has been widely recognized, attracting notable individuals such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ben Greenfield, professional athletes, and celebrities who have found solace in its unique and cutting edge EMF recommendations.

With his extensive expertise and unwavering passion for cultivating healthy environments, Brian set out to develop a resource for all to access safe and effective products that truly enable a healthy environment.

Our branches

As one of the world’s foremost experts in EMF and toxic light, Brian assembled a design team with a mission to fill in some needed gaps for Building Biologists, EMF Consultants, and health-conscious consumers in selecting the most effective products that not only excel in functionality but also add aesthetic beauty to any home or office. Many of the existing products on the market fall short on these goals.

The Shielding Shop is committed to the development of innovative products that push the boundaries in creating spaces that promote optimal health and well-being. We are also dedicated to testing and promoting other product brands that align with our own mission of promoting and creating technology that respects human biology.

Thanks for checking out our store and come back often for product updates. We have a development team that is always coming out with new products that meet our high standards.

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